Completion Phase Gallery ...

The photos below show the building works during the Completion Phase of improvements to our village hall.

We have now demolished the rooms at the back of the main hall (the old toilets and dilapidated storage rooms) and then created a larger storage space; a new meeting space; and a larger entrance way with its own lobby. Greater flexibility of use is now enabled by full height folding partitions between the main hall, the lobby, and the new meeting space. This will give users the opportunity to hire space appropriate to their needs and will enable two groups of users at the same time.

Enthusiastic volunteers demolish the original side entrance:

volunteers demolish

The old toilets and dilapidated storage rooms are demolished:

demolition of toilets

Foundations are poured:

pouring foundations

Construction of new walls begins:

starting walls

The old hall wall is removed:

removing wall

New roof timbers are put in place:

roof timbers

The new entrance nears completion:

entrance building

The new meeting room begins to take shape:

room takes shape

A new hatchway is cut through to the kitchen:

hatchway cut

The new south entrance and meeting room extension are completed:

the new entrance and extension

The completed meeting room and main hall with full height folding doors so that the space can be opened up:

More of the completed works can be seen here.

opened a