2019 Catworth Craft Fayre and Church Open Day ...

The Craft Fayre in the Village Hall was held alongside a splendid exhibition in St Leonard's Church showing the many different connections villagers have with places all around the world.

A message from Sue Ward:
On behalf of St Leonard's Parochial Church Council and the Village Hall Committee, I wish to thank the many people who made this year's Church Patronal Festival and Village Hall Craft Fayre such an amazing success. This year built upon the success of last year with record crowds supporting both the craft fayre and the open day festival in our church. We had three amazing stories linked to Remembrance Sunday and people who live in our village, namely Anthony Button, Ruth Pryor and Melanie Reynolds. Thank you for your contributions.
To absolutely everyone in the village who helped in any way, small or great, a massive thank you. It was an amazing village weekend.

Hand-made pom poms, tree decorations and more:

One of the stalls in the Village Hall Craft Fayre.

It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas:

The all-important food and drink counter and a chance to buy raffle tickets:

Cards, baubles, biscuits ... :

Organic soaps on bone china, cushions, quilts ... :

Creams, gels, oils ... :

These were just a few of the stalls where you could find the perfect Christmas gift.

Part of the Dolls from Around the World exhibit:

There was so much to see in the St Leonard's Church Patronal Festival exhibition.

Click on the map for a closer look at the many different connections villagers have with places all around the world:


Memorabilia of time spent living in Abu Dhabi

Name board of the Dolls from Around the World exhibit showing a handmade Arpillera from Chile, a form originating from women's resistance to Pinochet's military dictatorship:

Various exhibits from people's time living in Africa

Local links to Remembrance Sunday: